Suicide Awareness


Suicide is not an easy thing to talk about but we must try.  In my spare time, I work as a voluntary text counsellor and I am in contact with many adults and children who experience suicide tendencies. Many people battle with keeping up the facade of being 'fine' and making others feel happy while trying to manage distress and feelings of hopelessness. 


A conversation could help to change the course of a persons thinking and intentions.


Please join me in educating yourself in being suicide aware, applying suicide interventions and servicing the skills of self-care which is of priority.


Suicide First Aid Lite


The Suicide First Aid Lite course is a 3.5-hour - 4 hour course that introduces suicide awareness and prevention for those at risk of suicide. The course provides essential skills that can help keep someone safe from their thoughts of suicide and stay alive.

This introductory course will help the learner develop the skills to identify someone who may be thinking about suicide and passing that person on to the Suicide First Aider.

This course gives all learners the opportunity to go on to complete the one-day programme Suicide First Aid through Understanding Suicide Interventions which is a City & Guilds qualification.  It is suitable for those who want a more in-depth practice-based approach to learning. No prior knowledge of the subject is needed.

This course is excellent for community groups, students, multi-sector managers, those who work in education, the arts, criminal justice, call centre operators and those who work in the private, voluntary and public sectors.



The Suicide First Aid (Lite) course gives learners the knowledge and tools to understand that suicide is one of the most preventable deaths and some basic skills can help someone with thoughts of suicide stay safe from their thoughts and stay alive.


Course content:


SFA Lite is comprised of 2 parts, each 90 minutes duration. The programme teaches the skills needed to identify someone who may be thinking about suicide and to pass the person onto a suicide first aider.


Part 1 – 90 minutes


  • Introduction to the session; programme, ourselves and suicide prevention

  • Stigma and survivors of bereavement by suicide and the Hidden Toll

  • Suicide thoughts and suicide behaviour

  • Intention of behaviour versus outcome of behaviour

  • Possible causes of suicide thoughts

  • Suicide – the ripple effect

  • ‘I’m really glad you told me’ audiovisual Break


Part 2 – 90 minutes

  • Meeting the needs of a person who is thinking about suicide

  • Suicide Safety Guide

  • Recognising and asking about suicide

  • Referring a person onto suicide first aiders



1 Day Course


SFA: Suicide First Aid through Understanding Suicide Interventions – the UK’s only externally accredited suicide prevention programme,  on the Regulated Qualification Framework, this is the UK’s

National Qualification in Suicide Prevention

Setting the “Gold Standard in Suicide Prevention Training” – Dr Paul Rogers  (2 independent evaluations 2015-2017)

SFA: Suicide First Aid through Understanding Suicide Interventions is:

  • evidence-based

  • externally moderated and quality assured

  • accredited by City & Guilds Institute

  • the UK’s only national qualification in suicide prevention

  • devised, developed and delivered by the UK’s most experienced suicide prevention educators

  • internationally recognised by City & Guilds International, currently throughout the UK, but also licensed in Australia, field-trialled in Trinidad, U.A.E. and India



A population-based approach to suicide